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She can handle herself just fine with men and isn't intimidated by them at all.She doesn't wear headphones and she has a ready smile. There is a strong significant section of gyms which are looking for some strange.There is another strong section who think they are Alpha males and 'deserve' to have...everyone because they look so darned good. They are so confident but boy if you turn them down their egos are so fragile!What you need to understand about male sexuality (and I'm a man) is that even the most innocuous man given a green flag of 'interest' will push a little to see how far it goes. They get that horribly hurt look in their eyes and disappear for a while.

I can appreciate the hard work it takes to stay in shape as I'm in my 50s now.So I just go on acting like ice queen most of the time. Perhaps I am lacking the body language of a married person because I didn't even know there was body language!There is a strong significant section of gyms which are looking for some strange.but if he does the opposite, i'd say something blunt as well, something like 'go away' in 'proper' manner for an impolite offended, just To a predatory male a wedding ring is not an obstacle.In fact it's probably easier to pick up a neglected married woman than a content single one.

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Not sure how any man could miss the rings but whatever. Of course at our age it's a huge compliment and we're happy to take it. To me, not that hard to realize who is married and who is not by body language, then again I'm a people watcher and can see those subtleties in people whether they are hiding it or not. Alcohol would not be appropriate without at least one spouse present.

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