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As a result, it's a very difficult premise to execute well.One of biggest logical gaps for me is still the idea that Celestial Being's two hundred-year old technology can be superior to that of current-day armies, especially since Celestial Being itself seems to have a very poor understanding of the machines they're making use of.There’s still a lot to like, such as the more complex story, matured characters, and many characters just finding their true selves during their personal struggles. It’s still a likable series, but it just tossed away its potential for becoming a masterpiece about 2/3 of the way in.

All of the questions I had from the first season surrounding the organization's conception and survival over the last two centuries remain unanswered for the most part, but the most frustrating thing was not knowing the ultimate purpose of CB until the series' finale.However, as well as the introductions to the new characters were, the development of many of these characters had something to be desired.It falls into the same trap that swallowed Code Geass R2, which is to let new characters languish in development.What is unknown to these two groups is that a third organization, the Innovators, lurks in the shadows, manipulating events to reshape humanity into their own image. Great characters, great action, and best of all, a wonderful complex plot.Throw in a good dosage of how it relates the present day world and great voice acting, and you’ve got a recipe for one of the most popular series now. The main characters were reintroduced very well, preserving the characteristics they were known for and refining them, along with offering a slightly different side of their personality.

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But the main feeling I get from Ribbons is ambivalence.

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