Moldova cam sites

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Moldova cam sites

Lately, Moldova has been ground zero for Farms International.

Joe used his computer to call-up a video chat with his primary contact there, Tamara Bucur.

The 68-year-olds started together in the Peace Corps and unfurled many purposeful adventures from there — most of them for Farms International, the nonprofit humanitarian agency Joe heads as its executive director from his office in the couple's home.

Billed as "agricultural evangelism," Farms International has been providing small loans to entrepreneurial people in underdeveloped and far-flung places for decades.

"It was a very difficult life.""But the kids feel that it was God's blessing to have that experience," added Pat.

The Richters, now with nine grandkids, have spent their lives in service to both God and some of the world's poorest people.

Joseph Richter, executive director of Farms International, and his wife, Pat, check in with Tamara Bucur in Moldova via Skype on their home computer to see how her greenhouse operation is coming along.

Courtesy of Tamara Bucur As a spring rain came down hard outside the Knife River log home belonging to Joseph and Pat Richter, the couple moved through the tidy living space inside.

They told stories about artifacts on display from around the globe.

The Luurtsemas had fabricated the 24-by-48-foot greenhouses in the early 1990s, but were now retiring the assets and had put them up for sale.

Farms International is a non-denominational organization that gets more than 90 percent of its monetary donations from individuals and churches.

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Orphans are rampant in a country that has seen a steep rise in its death rate."It's very hard," Bucur said. But kids go to Russia and Europe to raise some money."Bucur operates both a shelter for abused and neglected children and a home for elderly people who have no family to take care of them.

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