Narut dating

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Narut dating

Kyuubi was amazed at the size of it; an eight inch long cock waiting to fuck either holes of this sexy vixen.

She starts to lick the tip of this penis and then right down to the shaft, Naruto gasp and moans as Kyuubi's tongue felt good, he rest his head on the pillow and feels her giving him a blowjob.

Then suddenly she vanished into a puff of smoke; leaving Naruto alone, with his mouth gaped open and his eyes widen like dinner plate."A…A…A…WHAT THE HELL!

" shouts Naruto"Damn it; too soon" said Kyuubi as she pouts in Naruto's subconscious Oh well, it can't be helped"And in 10 minutes of self-pleasure, Naruto shoot out a few loads into the toilet and sighed in relief as he's going down now."God that felt good" said Naruto as he collapsed onto his knees from the overwhelming pleasure he gave himself, including Kyuubi's when she paid him a visit.

Anyway the lust is out of her system now, and I can tell that she had a wonderful time "fighting" you, *chuckle*""Oji-san" whines Naruto as he pouts at the Sandaime's pervy remarks."Oh sorry; I did a Jiraiya, didn't I?

" said Sarutobi; while somewhere in Konoha a certain pervert sneezed and something was sent flying from the bathing area.

" said Naruto now concerned about the snake mistress; he hasn't seen her for 5 years, ever since he started the academy. ""Yes and No" said Kurenai "She is having a sexual crisis ever since she was affected by your ""I didn't mean for it to happen, I'm sorry" said Naruto as he is feeling guilty for making Anko suffer."I know, and I don't blame you" said Kurenai as she place her hand on his cheek, unconsciously moaned as her pleasure point was activated by just touching Naruto.

"I had a wonderful time, back then""Back then, you tried to kill me" said Naruto before her moans again"That's ancient history now, what's important is the future" said Kyuubi as she then pull down her top to expose her breasts and place Naruto's cock between them.Naruto learned about the different styles of sex from the lectures during his training from Sarutobi, he had nosebleeds every day when he saw the images and shown the tools for those styles."That is really kinky""I know" said Kurenai "All women has different sexual fantasies that turn them on; I'm sort of an Exhibitionist, and the genjutsu gives it the advantage""Wow; I never knew you were so daring" said Naruto as he pinched his nose to prevent nosebleeds."Yeah, I know" said Kurenai as she then pulls out a scroll and gives it to Naruto.Kyuubi took him out of her mouth and starts savouring the flavour of Naruto's semen in her mouth."Mmm, delicious" said Kyuubi as she then licks the excess cum off her breasts."Crème de la Naruto, my favourite""Kyuu-chan…it's still hard; you're just too beautiful for it to go down" said Naruto as he turns his head and avert his eyes from the exotic scene of Kyuubi licking the cum off her breasts."Is it, now" said Kyuubi as she then pulls down her pants to reveal her pussy "Don't worry, my love; I'll deflate it for you"She then starts to crawl onto Naruto and sat on top him; she then grabs his wrists to guide them to her breasts."Don't be shy, I'm yours to do as you please" said Kyuubi as she placed Naruto's hands on her breasts, she moans as Naruto gave them a gentle squeeze.

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"Mmm, I want this cock to fuck every hole in my body; also massage it with my breasts"Kyuubi then starts rubbing Naruto's cock between her breasts, while sucking on the tip of it in her mouth.

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