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To request help or report suspected human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. This list is not exhaustive and represents only a selection of possible indicators.

Recognizing potential red flags and knowing the indicators of human trafficking is a key step in identifying more victims and helping them find the assistance they need.

more In San Francisco, where no automobile parked on the street is immune from glass-smashing thieves, some people have taken to posting signs on car windows announcing that there are no valuables inside. "Sounds a lot like something that someone with valuables in their car would say," wrote a skeptical Maddox83a.

The hope, of course, is that a thief will read the notice and decide: "Huh. I guess I'll break into some other car." On Tuesday, a Reddit user posted a photo of such a sign and posed the question "Do you think it works? But iamthewaffler disagreed, citing personal experience. "It's strong signaling that works VERY well," the commenter wrote.

But Reddit user design_1987 says the sign is the way to go. I've seen vehicles in my neighborhood with (the) signs remain untouched for years while others get broken into right next to theirs.

Saw this happen a few times so from my own personal experience it seems to be working.

William Gee, an insurance agent with AAA in San Francisco, said the best protection against break-ins is to carry comprehensive coverage with a low deductible — or 0 — even on older cars that don't have collision insurance.

He noted that making a comprehensive claim, say on a broken window, would not raise your premium as a collision claim would.

Join and receive access to an exclusive movie collection featuring hot twinks with their mature partners having the most amazing sex.1 to July 31, a 28 percent increase over the same period in 2016.In August, a police shakeup eliminated a citywide task force focused on the epidemic in favor of assigning dozens more cops to walk neighborhood beats."The intended victim for thefts from cars are people who are from out of town, other "safer" parts of SF, etc who don't know that certain areas are very prone to car break-ins.If you have bothered to print out a sign and put it in your window, that shows you know exactly what neighborhood you're in and the chances of anything valuable being in your car are extremely low. One thing for sure, car break-ins are no joke in San Francisco.

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