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Sex chat with lads

there are two more things before we meet up, only two? tonight, when you got back to your room, I want hubby to put a love bite on your left tit, nowhere else, I know he struggles to get it up, so I will leave it with you how you get him to mark that massive tit but by tomorrow morning I want it marked understand?Shell nodded but wondered how Mike knew about her hubbies bedroom problems had her sister talked behind her back? yes tomorrow when I meet you I want your hair put into a pony tail Shell thought that was a strange request but nodded, I think its time we should be getting off, so you have time to go floozie hunting Shell laughed, Im not going, ive got my floozy already lined up besides need to save my strength, because tomorrow im going to ride you like the slut, your heart, pussy and mind have wanted for what? Again Shell wondered how he knew about her lack of cock.She never confessed to her sister, that on numerous occasions she had used her sisters husband as a tool to make her own hubby to cum quickly.With more drinks Mike texts his mate who was sat at the end of the table with shells husband, get him to come to golf tomorrow, no matter what I want him with you on the course all day, I have plans for his wife, some few minutes later Tyce looked up read the text and without being obvious started to chat up Shells husband.To show he no longer satisfied her sexually and addressing herself as Lady to prove who was in control.

Great I thought just what I need when im out on the pull.

take a big breath through your nose I told Shell, she complied, Smell that Shell she shook her head, that smell is your cunt juices, thats right I can smell your wetness, thats why it is going to happen and its going to happen tomorrow morning I took our drinks back to our table and sat down, moments later a flushed Shell took her place, before she could speak to me, hubby came rushing over! The lads have invited me to play golf tomorrow, any chance you would mind having your day alone by the pool, it would mean so much please hun Shell slowly nodded her head, Hubby rushed back to the lads high fiving them.

Shell looked down and mumbled seems I underestimated my brother in law, you have thought of every thing, no!

but that way, it would of alerted you to get rid of all the floozies I waved my hand around what floozies, sorry Shell but there none to be found Shell laughs and took a big swig of her drink.

We made small chat and found out she was due time off work and it was just a cheap long weekend away, Sun Sea and S before I could finish she shssd me, chance would be a fine thing she sniggered in the direction of hubby, now what she didnt know was, I often had to listen to her talking to her sister on Skype, when they were both pissed they were not as quiet as they thought they were, it seemed hubby was not keeping up the bedroom stakes and hadnt for a few years.

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With a few more drinks inside her, Shell became more flirty with her Brother in Law, so I hope I am not cramping your style? Why would I worry I have a hot piece of ass sat with me, People walking passed probably think your mine anyway sounds very presumptuous of you, Im yours?