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The field simply does not appear in the list, although it appears if I go to Site Settings | content Types and open the content type.Is there anything wrong or perhaps somethign extra that I need to do to push the field to the list?I also have full control permissions on the site and library I am trying to publish to form to. JPG I just had this problem not too long ago and this method of publishing helped since we were republishing to a form library.I believe if this is a new form, you can also try this by creating the columns in the library before you publish and then using the method below to link them.You can only modify a content type from where it was created.When I backed up in the wizard and I gave it the URL for the site collection root rather than the sub-site and then rolled forward through the wizard again it worked.

I've compared the settings configured in this form to other successful forms I created that are working with the a Share Point Form Library, but I haven't seen any differences.

However, these columns did not appear to be generated when looking at the "All Documents" view in the form library itself.

Furthermore, the form itself does not publish to the library.

Sometimes you'll try publishing again, sometimes this will work.

Sometimes you'll shut Info Path down, reboot, restart IIS, perform a rain dance, and then give it another go.

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I don't know why that worked - but it did - so problem resolved for the time being.

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