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Utah speed dating services

High winds can cause massive damage to homes, signs and businesses.

Hail damages crops and has the potential of seriously injuring anyone unlucky to be outside during a hailstorm.

Volcanoes Volcanic eruption doesn't sound like a large threat.

However, in the past 100 years, there have been around three dozen eruptions from volcanoes in the United States alone. Volcanoes don't seem like a huge threat, considering most of them lie dormant, but they can quickly cause immense damage and destruction.

Sometimes flooding occurs in unusual locations, like when Colorado was afflicted by a long-lasting flood during September 2013.

Earthquakes Earthquakes are not as widely reported as they once were.

Ice Storms and Blizzards hit with the combination of high wind speeds, blinding snow and several days of nonstop snowfall.

It doesn't take much ice to affect traffic, airports and general daily life as evidence in the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011.

The following natural disasters are the most common disasters that occur in the United States, yet most are situated in specific regions.

Floods Floods are surprisingly one of the most common natural disasters.

Floods do not play favorites in terms of where they lay.

However, that doesn't mean tornadoes only affect that area.

In November 2013, around 80 tornadoes hit the Midwest and arrived in Illinois, taking everyone by surprise.

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These commonly destroy several thousands of acres in just a few days.